Open House

Welcome back to the A to Z of Sex

Welcome back to the A to Z of Sex® with Dr Lori Bisbey

I have been a on a hiatus while preparing for my new TV series: Open House: The Great Sex Experiment .  The six episodes are being aired on Channel 4 (UK) starting 1 April on Friday nights at 10 pm.  The show follows couples who come to my retreat in order to get guidance on dipping their toes in the nonmonogamy water.  They have the option to mix with a bunch of liberated single people and see whether an open relationship is right for them.

This season on the A to Z of Sex® we will start by looking at A is for All Relationship Styles.  In the first episode, I will be talking about all the available options and the importance of self-awareness to being able to make healthy choices that meet a person’s needs.

I already have episodes scheduled on new research that has been done on the orgasm gap (G is for Gap on 23 May) and mismatched desire and libido (M is for Mismatched Desire on 4 July) with Cyndi Darnell who has a new book on this very topic.

If there is a topic you would like to hear discussed and/or someone you would like to hear on the show, please let me know.  If you enjoy the show, please do leave a review.