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S is for Swinging with Zayna Ratty

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the A to Z of Sex with me, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey. I am a sex and intimacy coach and psychologist and I’ve spent the last 30 + years helping people to create hot and healthy sexual and intimate relationships. We are working our way through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time. Today the letter is S and S is for Swinging

Joining me today to talk all about Swinging is Zayna Ratty. Zayna is a Hypno-Psychotherapist specialising in G.S.R.D (Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity), LGBTQIA+, Ethnicity, Consensual Non-Monogamy, Polyam and Alt based in Oxford at @zrtherapy.

An experienced trainer, charity chair and conference presenter on intersectionality and cultural identity, sexuality, gender and relationship diversity.
As a consultant, Zayna delivers bespoke consultancy and training services to corporations and charities.
Founder of the QTIPoC therapist network Zayna believes in working towards decolonising traditional therapy.

As a Stonewall PoC and Schools Role Model, she goes into educational settings and talks about the acceptance of diversity and combatting bullying.
Mental Health columnist for OxMag and Fyne Times, Zayna is also a multimedia domain contributor on Mental Health, LGBTQIA+ and PoC issues.

Swinging is a type of non-monogamy.

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