O is for Omnisexual

O is for Omnisexual

Q is for Queen

Omnisexual is defined as someone whose sexual attractions are equal to all human beings.   They don’t much care what gender the person is or what their sexual identity is.  It is simply whoever they fall in love with that they will be in a relationship with.  Some people also suggest that omnisexual folks can be attracted to non-humans and objects (omni as in all things).

Many people who adopt the label omnisexual enjoy science fiction and fantasy and see omnisexual as a way to express that they would have sex with people from other species.  Though technically omnisexual could include attraction to animals, most people who identify this way feel that consent is essential to their sexual experiences and animals cannot give consent so that eliminates sexual encounters with animals.

O is for Omnisexual

Many people see omnisexual as the same as pansexual.  However, there is a distinction made between the two.  Omnisexual people notice gender but don’t care what gender the person is or how they express gender.  Pansexual people love people of all genders and gender expressions.  It may seem a subtle distinction but for those who identify in these ways it is often important.

What does omnisexuality look like in practice?  For some it means that they will flirt with anyone and if available, will have sex with anyone they find exciting.  For others it means that attractions happen because of the whole individual and they see anyone that they are attracted to as a potential partner.

Jenna identifies as an omnisexual woman.  She talks about how she has chosen partners in the past:  ‘I would be at an event and connect with a guy because of the twinkle in his eye or the sound of his voice or his presence.  That’s how I met George.  It was the classic – our eyes met across the room.  Then he came over and began to flirt and we went home together that night.    I met Randi at my gynaecologist’s office.  We were sitting in the waiting room surrounded by pregnant women and we were the only two who weren’t pregnant.  She was sitting close to me and I noticed the smell of her hair. I liked the way she talked and the sound of her laugh.   We were together for over a year.  Laura flirted with me at a conference I attended.  She came right up to me and I noticed her confidence.  She felt so strong and safe.  She was also decisive and I loved to let her be in charge.’


Robert identifies as omnisexual.  ‘For me, it is a matter of energy and connection.  If they energy is there, I want to fuck them straight away.  No energy = no sex.   It’s that simple.  I have some really strange patterns: Lots of sex for months and then almost nothing for months.  Last year I had five lovers over a few months at the same time.  I’m polyamorous so this was all with consent.  This year no lovers for the first few months.’

Jeremy has a thing for sex toys and has been waiting for the first real robot for sex.  He identifies as omnisexual and says he is attracted to sex dolls, sex robots and virtual reality sex.  As these are not alive, he identifies as omnisexual even though all the toys depict women.

Wanda is gender fluid and they are attracted to people of all genders and sexualities.  They identify as omnisexual.  They have tended towards gender fluid and sexuality fluid partners.  ‘This makes each sexual encounter new and exciting as the fluidity keeps things fresh.  Though it can get confusing sometimes if my current state doesn’t mesh with my partner’s.   I am attracted to GiGi when they are more masculine but not so much when they are more feminine.  This can feel difficult for us both.  Artie is hot no matter what part of the spectrum they are expressing so the relationship is easier.’

Might you be omnisexual?  If you wish to explore, consider some individual coaching.  If you are in a relationship and you are both explorers, consider attending one of my retreats for sexual adventurers where you can explore further in a safe welcoming environment.  Grab my eBook 74 Movies that are Not Pornography here and listen to my podcasts the A to Z of Sex ™ (every Monday) and Sex Spoken Here (every Wednesday).