H is for History: Sexual History and Censorship

Hi everyone. This week the letter is H and H is for Sexual History and Censorship. I am joined today by Bosch who is a bookseller and knows much about censorship as it relates to sex and the history of censorship as well. He loves to research erotica.

Bosch is a bookseller and collector of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century erotica and
other sex-related books with an online shop at ForMySir.com. He enjoys chasing down
rare and clandestinely published books, many of which were ordered destroyed by
religious authorities and governments at one time or another. They often have false
and misleading imprints allowing their publishers to avoid prosecution, and were
freely pirated, which makes identification tricky. If Bosch has learned anything from his research of erotica it is that sexuality, in all of its glorious diversity, has been a part of literature and art throughout history, and that when it comes to sex there is truly nothing new under the sun.

We had lots of fun discussing censorship and also discussing rare erotica. Bosch is very knowledgeable and entertaining. Our talk ranged far and wide from the 18th century and talking about Fanny Hill and how much of that book is actually reconstructed through to the 20th century and the Oz trials.

For the readers amongst you, this episode is ideal. We spoke about the importance of written erotica in the past through to the importance of it in the present day. For those of you stuck on what erotica to peruse, feel free to email me at loribeth@drloribethbisbey.com and I will send you my ebook full of suggestions from many different genres of erotica.

Join me next week when the letter is I and I is for Interracial Relationships. Feel free to write in questions and suggestions for the show. I will look forward to responding to your questions next week.

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