G Spot

G is for G spot

Hi everyone! Welcome to the A to Z of Sex with me, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey. I am a sex and intimacy coach and psychologist and I’ve spent the last 30 + years helping people to create hot and healthy sexual and intimate relationships. We are working our way through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time. Today the letter is G and G is for G Spot.

Joining me today to talk all about the G Spot is Elise Schuster, MPH. She is a sexuality educator with 15 years of experience in pleasure-based sex education and youth development. Elise is is the founder of okayso, a free online platform that connects young adults with questions about sex and mental health to experts they can’t reach any other way. Elise has a masters in public health from Columbia University with a specialization in sexuality and health and spent many years working at Babeland and at The Door – a major youth development agency in New York City.

We spent this session talking about women’s pleasure, the g spot, understanding your sexual anatomy. So many women don’t realise that thee g spot is erectile tissue in the vagina and that this tissue is just like the erectile tissue in the clitoris and in fact the erectile tissue int he penis. We spoke at length about the number of people who need to learn anatomy in detail and who are embarrassed or ashamed to talk about this and even ashamed to look at themselves. We spoke about the toys that are specific to G spot play. Lovesense Osci is a new G Spot toy that can be remote controlled by their app.
You can find the app:

Join me next week when the letter is H and H is for Health and I am joined by the amazing Jason Panda, CEO of b Condoms.