F is for Femme Fatale

On this episode of the A to Z of Sex®, I talk with Mistress Cameo about being a professional dominatrix, what happens when clients come to see a dominatrix and why someone would want to visit a dominatrix.

We talk about when people have difficulty connecting with others and how seeing a professional can help someone to increase their ability to communicate with others and therefore get their needs met.

We talk about how people can learn to accept their desires without shame and why sometimes seeing a professional can help them learn to accept their desires and learn how to communicate about their desires.

Mistress Cameo started out as a professional slave to Master El Diablo and Mistress Valkyrie. She transitioned to being a professional dominatrix and has enjoyed the transition.

We spoke about why Mistress Cameo entered this profession and what she gets out of her work. She said that she really enjoys the feeling of helping others and that this is most important to her.

Sometimes people have called Mistress Cameo a femme fatale because she can be so fierce. She also has a more compassionate side and with her regular clients, they see this more often.

I asked about the type of people who choose to see a dominatrix and she told me that they come from all walks of life. She sees people of all genders, sexual orientations and all ages. Most of her clients are regular clients and she likes this as she can develop a deeper relationship with people who come more often. This means that they get to focus on the power exchange dynamic and that they can enjoy doing far more together than if she is seeing someone on a one-off basis.

Mistress Cameo highlighted the negotiation that starts any relationship so that all desires are clear and that consent is clear and understood. She does not engage in any sexual acts and it is important that clients understand this prior to visiting her.

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