Learning Your ABCs Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Welcome to the A to Z of Sex!

Hello! My name is Dr Lori Beth and I am a clinical psychologist and an intimacy coach.   I created this site, blog, podcast and newsletter to provide a forum for exploring intimacy, sex and sexuality from all angles.   I wanted to create a space where all types of people from all walks of life could talk about their experiences of intimacy, share their stories of failure and success, share strategies to create more exciting sex lives, provide out of the box solutions to common sexual issues, and inspire each other to seek authentic intimate experiences and relationships.

The blog has links to related research and products, covers topics as ‘common’ as orgasm and uncommon as zelophilia (which is sexual arousal from jealousy).

The blog and the podcast are pretty explicit most of the time as I encourage people to actually talk about sex instead of talking around sex.  Some of the viewpoints may be challenging to readers and listeners.  Some of them are challenging for me!  I hope that you will approach the content with an open mind and a view to expanding your sexual horizons.   Through interacting with the content on this site, you will create your own passion map.

Each time we finish the alphabet we will start again! 

There are so many words, concepts and activities to explore!  Thank you for joining me to learn your sexy ABC’s.  For more information, intimacy coaching and upcoming events, find me on www.the-intimacy-coach.com `and have a look at the workshops here on this site.

Join me for a free 1 hour webinar on 19 June 2017 at 12 noon PST: Your A to Z of Sex: How Learning your Personal A,B,C’s Can Transform Your Sex Life.  In this free webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why knowing your own turn on’s and turn offs is so important to satisfying sexual relationships
  2. Three ways to explore turn on’s and turn offs that don’t require you to go try the activities!
  3. How to identify your limits when it comes to relationships and sexual activities
  4. Two ways to deal with the fear of bringing up turn on’s to a partner that you haven’t brought up before
  5. One good way to manage setting a firm boundary without ending a relationship, or  causing the other person to feel shamed

The webinar will be live on Gotomeeting so you will have the opportunity to get some questions answered.  There is a special offer for the   next two 1 day live A to Z of Sex workshops available to you if you attend!  To join me, click the button below.

Wow! What a great webinar! Lots of food for thought, full of brilliant insights and information. It’s already helped me clarify certain issues, and I’ve come to some surprising and unexpected conclusions about what does and doesn’t ‘do it’ for me! It’s the difference between what you think you want, and how you really feel when you take the time to get to know yourself. I found the advice about how to listen to your intuition and set your own boundaries simply invaluable – people give this kind of advice all the time, but Dr Lori Beth explained exactly HOW to do this, how to really listen to what your gut and your whole body is telling you. A real confidence booster!

Zuzuh Blake

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